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  • Wound Film Capacitor Design:
    Arizona Capacitors\' engineering staff has many years of wound film capacitor design and engineering expertise. Tell them your application and they can design and manufacture a wound film capacitor to meet your specific needs.
    Capacitor Dielectrics:
    Their main film capacitors are wound dielectrics in paper, foil, plastic, metalized film, polyester, polycarbonate, Teflon, polypropylene, polystyrene, Kraft paper, and can feature many other combinations.
    Arizona Capacitors\' wide variation of wound film capacitor configurations include wrap and fill, epoxy dipped, preformed case, molded, ceramic tubular, phenolic, bathtub, tubular hermetic, rectangular hermetic, welded case, pvc tubular, and glass tubular.
    Typical Wound Film Capacitor Applications:
    Their wound film capacitors are used in applications for by-pass, R-C networks, matched sets, pulse discharge, impulse generators, ferro resonant, laser, HID lighting, DC filtering, voltage multiplier, audio, and power supplies.
    Capacitance and Voltage Ranges:
    Capacitance on the film capacitors range from 50 pf to 5000 uf.  Standard tolerance is+ 10%, but up to + 25% is available.  Voltage ranges from 30 to 250 KVDC and 50 KV to 100 KHZ are available. 
    The majority of the electronic filters that Arizona Capacitors, Inc. manufactures are custom in nature.  They have engineers on staff ready to work with you to ensure the design meets your specific requirements.  With many years of filter design expertise there is virtually no requirement too stringent.  Below you will find some examples of the different filters they have built for their customers.

    For Industrial, Aerospace, & Military Applications:

     EMI Suppression (Electro-Magnetic Interference)
    RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
    - Low Pass
    - Feed-Thru Capacitor-Filters
    - Power Line
    - Communication
    - Audio Frequency
    - Aerospace

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