• Analog Devices Time of Flight (ToF):

    3D Time of Flight or 3D ToF is a type of scannerless LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) that uses uses high power optical pulses in durations of nanoseconds to capture depth information (typically over short distances) from a scene of interest.

    ADI offers industry leading products and solutions to directly enhance the capabilities of 3D ToF systems, including processing, laser drivers and power management, along with development boards and software/firmware to aid in quick implementation of 3D ToF solutions. In addition, ADI also offers modules from our design services partners.

    Enable Real-Time Monitoring of Industrial Assets

    High resolution object detection

    The ADI ToF system utilizes a 640x480 pixel sensor, which provides 4x higher resolution than many of the ToF sensors on the market. This enables users to detect smaller and thinner objects that would be invisible to other ToF sensors.

    Outdoor operation

    The ADI ToF system can operate in environments with strong ambient sunlight. This enables it to be used in a variety of applications such as drones or automotive applications which require outdoor operation.

    Delivering value in key application areas


    Gesture control systems, made possible through 3D ToF technology, are said to be the next-generation user interface for the car, allowing the driver to answer an incoming phone call, change an audio input source, or even adjust the climate control through simple gestures of the hand or fingers.

    Security and Surveillance

    ADIs high-resolution VGA depth sensing technology offers significant advantages over traditional 2D image sensing techniques.
    High-resolution depth makes it easier to both classify both people and objects with much higher levels of confidence. This can be leveraged into many application use cases, from commercial/retail entry/exit (for security and surveillance) to detecting people falling or hurting themselves (for medical applications).

    Industry 4.0

    The use of smart sensors, especially depth sensors, is becoming more and more ubiquitous within manufacturing as well as transportation and logistics.
    From industrial machine vision for quality inspection, to volumetric detection for asset management, to navigation for autonomous manufacturing, the manufacturing industry is adopting these sensing technologies and moving toward highest-resolution systems designed for harsh industrial environments.

    New! Smart Mesh® wireless sensor networks


    CCD TOF Signal Processor with Programmable Timing and V-Driver

    Key Applications: 3D ToF Processor


    High Speed, Dual, 4 A MOSFET Driver, non-inverting A/B input pins, 9.5V < Vin < 18V

    Key Applications: Laser Diode Driver


    2 A/1.2 A DC-to-DC Switching Regulator with Independent Positive and Negative Outputs.

    Key Applications: CCD Power Supply & Optical Modules

    3D Time of Flight Development Platform

    Modular ToF solution, built on the industry-standard 96Boards platform, which enables measuring objects in the X, Y, and Z axis.

    Signal Chains

    Time of Flight System


    ToF Camera Module


    • Based on ADI’s ToF Signal Chain Products and Technology
    • Can output depth map and (710 version) TOF + RGB Image (can disable)
    • FOV 70 X 54
    • Depth camera support image size: up to 640*480@30FPS
    • RGB camera support image size: up to 1920*1080@30FPS
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • Support OS: Runs on Android / Runs on Linux / Runs on Windows 7/8/10
    • Pico depth sensor SDK, sample code and tools (Open NI SDK Compatible)
    • Sample application algorithms available from ADI in Python

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